The 600 page Jazz history/reference book
"Jazz Conversations" by JaRon Eames is now published!
Foreword by Nat Hentoff!

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I have so enjoyed this book.

Your interviews are polished, professional, and very informed, and the book you compiled of Jazz Conversations is a joy to peruse. You seemed to have learned the valuable secret of how to get people to open up candidly by making them feel comfortable. As a result, the rapport you established with your subjects is enviable.

I was especially happy that you included some of my own friends i.e. Maggie Whiting, Grady Tate, Altovise Davis, and Anita O’day. I learned a lot from your conversations with them, and congratulate you on a collection that is both entertaining and enlightening.

I was also really delighted to hear you sing. You really should be appearing on a regular basis in New York clubs. I would come to hear you In a New York minute. Keep up the good work. Rex Reed