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JaRon and Emme Kemp/every Sunday 2016 at the parlor 2-5 pm for the 'Smart Set' only. Rsvp -646 337 0620 dinner served visit us on you tube under JaRon's parlor jazz ( Two Old Pros and A) Piano

JaRon Eames & his Trio at SUGAR BAR will be performing at Ashford & Simpson's 'SUGAR BAR' October 21st & Oct.28th 2016. 15.00 cover charge. 8PM. 254 W.72nd st NYC. make your Res. early. 212-579-0222. Paul Odeh Pianist and musical conductor, Ethan Mann. Guitarist.Kim Clark Bassist 8PM. 254 W.72nd st NYC. make your Res. early. 212-579-0222

JaRon will be teaching six jazz history classes at Old Westbury University March 2014.It was a thrill of a life time. I hope to do more teaching. A very special thank you to Ms. Melba Joyce for making this possible.

WATCH THE JARON EAMES SHOW in Manhattan every Saturday night 11,30 am channel 4. and WORLD WIDE streamed on line by going to http://www.mnn.org